NZMG Software Goes International

Kiwiwebs has had a long history of supporting the New Zealand Masters Games. In fact Kiwiwebs owner, Nygllhuw Morris helped prepare some of the original sponsorship application documents back when the games were first created by Wanganui District Council.

NZMG - Online registration system

In 2010 the New Zealand Masters Games were investigating options to update and replace the registration system used at each games. The system has to be able to cope with over 6,000 registrations and also handle the arrival and logging of entrants at the games itself. Kiwiwebs offered a solution that not only covered the features needed, but was also cost effective when compared to other quotes.

At its first use in Wanganui, the software performed well and helped the games run smoothly.

Following on from this success the software has attracted the interest of other multi-sport events. The software has now been leased to 3 Australian events for their use and is under consideration by a number of other companies too.