Portfolio - Recent Work

Kiwiwebs undertakes a wide range of work depending on the clients needs. Call us to discuss how we can assist you.

A few sample projects

Internationally respected transport policy advisor David Lupton reuquested a site update that would work on all devices while allowing him to both promote his services and show his expereince around the world. Kiwiwebs was very happy to oblige. To simply administration the site is built in the latest version of Joomla, an easy to use content management system.


The NZCAR is a highly complex database with over 490,000 registered animals and requiring multiple security access for owners as well as the 830+ registered vet clinics, implanters and rescue orgnaisations. The site is a .Net database. Kiwiwebs also have completed the branding and public website

VCC International Vintage Car Rally 2012
As well as creating the website and a customised online registration system, the rally also used Kiwiwebs for merchandise and clothing. An unusual request we were able to easily meet was for the rally hat to be dyed a custom colour and have intricate stitching.

Commercial Packaging

We have undertaken commercial packaging and branding for a variety of customers. We have also arranged production of the finished product through China for some clients.

Some examples of our recent sourced items include: