Silk Road Pics
( sorry photos are low res and as yet raw so no lighting or colour balance done.)

Traditional Medicine Dispensary

3000+ metres ASL - Karakoram Highway

Horse Riding at 3600m ASL

Local Farmer

Lake Karakul
About 30km from Tajikistan
About 100km from Afghanistan
About 120km from Pakistan
About 4000km from Beijing!!!

Jade Gate - 120km into desert from Dunhuang
Around two thousand years ago this was the Silk Road's
only road to and from China to the west.

Early Part of the Great Wall in the Gobi - Sand and Hay

Not quite a motorbike, but as good as I could find to borrow.

Julie in a Microlight over the Crescent Lake
Hard to find the lake amongst all the tourists!!!

Kashgar - Dining with the locals
The daily market has been moved away from the town centre and is now on a dedicated patch of land where both locals and tourists can get access. Sunday is the most famous day to visit and the largest.

Kashgar - Cute kids dressed up for the Sunday market


A week on the road and I need a shave

Horseback riding in the mountains.
Ironically three weeks before this photo I was in Pakistan and was not allowed within 300km of the border due to the high risk of kidnap or worse. Yet approaching the border in China I am allowed to ride or drive right up to the gate on my own if I wanted.

Visiting a lakeside village, after riding around the edge.
Even though this vilage is only around 2 or 3km from the main Karakoram highway, locals say they only get visitors once or twice a year.

Invited for afternoon tea with one of the local families.
All the family crowded behind us to watch us have our
sour curd tea and bread.

2000 year old village in the Tuyugoa Valley
Around 70km from Turpan
Located in the Flaming Mountains the temperature here can reach 80 degrees celcius. It was a relatively balmy 58C the day we visited.

Off into the desert near Dunhuang
Dunhuang and Turpan are now part of the tourist route and there are just coach loads of foreigners everywhere.

On the edge of the Gobi

Tiles on the side of the Abakh Khoja Tomb

Dining on the street food.
Fortunately some had Tofu as many restaurants had nothing vegetarian.

Id Kah Mosque - the largest Mosque in China
And one of the few mosques that allows non-muslims inside.

Courtyard of Id Kah Mosque - holds up to 50,000 worshippers

Small child in Kashgar old town
Just told off by his mum for making too much noise

Kashgar Old Town
Nice to escape into a real street
and not the fake tourist ones

Kashgar Old Town
Kashgar or Kashi is a rapidly changing place. Very much a city now, the old town is now protected. Over 1,000,000 tourists a year now visit the old town area.

Jaiyuguan Night Market

On the edges of Urumqi

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