Kiwiwebs is very pleased to have worked with David Traub, an internationally famous Glass Artist and Glass Tutor on the creation of his new website. The site uses latest web technologies to work on both mobile and pc platforms.

Visit David Traub's new website at www.glass-newzealand.co.nz.


Kiwiwebs is very proud of its collection of over 100 pieces of Wanganui art by Wanganui artists. And a work by David Traub has been on the wish list since it was started. Kiwiwebs owner, Nygllhuw reflects "I still remember one of my first experiences meeting David when he was head of the UCOL Glass School. I filmed him for a UCOL promotion, while he was blowing a wine goblet. His ease and confidence produced a perfect shape, while everyone stood around and just watched in amazement. He then flawlessly repeated this a second and third time to create perfect mirror copies as we filmed from various angles. Not long after this I saw some of his platters and knew I wanted one, but expected that I could never afford one."

Then in 2012, Nygllhuw and his family were attending one of David's glass workshops teaching basic glass skills. He showed David his business card featuring the bold yellow and black with a white curve. A discussion ensued on whether it was possible to recreate this and then the rest is history. The beautiful platter (shown above) has pride of place in the Kiwiwebs art collection.

For more information on David's Glass Art workshops, click here.

TESTIMONIAL: "As an attendeee at one of David's workshops, along with my wife, daughter and mother-in-law, I can totally recommend them to anyone. It was a fun day, where we learnt many new skills and we also got to make our very own examples of "glass art". Art is in inverted commas as David doesnt have anything to worry about from our group just yet!"

Right is Nygllhuw's first attempt at glass made during the workshop. It is called "sunset"